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Teenage Pregnancy Essay Essays

Teenage Pregnancy Essay Essays Teenage Pregnancy Essay Essay Teenage Pregnancy Essay Essay Essay Topic: Teenage Pregnancy Statisticss from the Malaysia Welfare Department for this twelvemonth. from January to April 2010. reported that 111 single immature misss were pregnant. The figure. nevertheless. is merely the tip of the iceberg as many instances go unreported and gestations terminated. It besides reported in New Straits Times on 23rd July 2010. the organic structure of a babe miss found in a bag at a coach halt near the Sultan Ismail Hospital. Johor Bahru in the forenoon. Besides there a babe found buried. New Straits Times on 18th July 2010. reported that a foetus was found buried by the wayside in Jalan 12. Bandar Puteri Puchong. Selangor. Baby dumping is non the solution to a life job and it could be charged under Section 317 of the Penal Code which carries a maximal jail term of seven old ages or mulct or both harmonizing to the Malayan jurisprudence. For the past few old ages there are many newborn babes have been found. dead or unrecorded in the most improbable topographic points like rubbish shit. For case. The Malay Mail on 26 July 2011 [ 5 ] reported that a foetus with the umbilical cord intact was found in a refuse can at Pulau Mutiara sweeping market in Jalan Makloom. Penang. This shows clearly that â€Å"baby dumping† is truly serious job that presently happened in our society. Based on Table 1. the statistic from the Headquarters of Royal Malaysia Police ( PDRM ) [ 6 ] indicated that there were 407 instances of babe dumping. for the past five old ages get downing from 2005 until 7th April 2010. On norm. there are 68 instances every twelvemonth and these instances keep increasing. While in Figure 1. 2. 1. it shows that. there are 472 babes found dumped nationally since 2005 until 16th August 2010. In twelvemonth 2010 entirely. it already recorded 65 instances up to 16 August 2010. That is means mean 8 instances per month entirely in twelvemonth 2010 and this figure is non included the instances that non reported. Harmonizing to Federal Criminal Investigation Department ( CID ) Director Commissioner Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin. this twelvemonth entirely ( 2010 ) . as at 16 August 2010. 65 dumped babes had been. As compared to 42 instances during the same period last twelvemonth ( 2009 ) . there is an addition in these instances [ 7 ] . Recently. the Cabinet besides informed that there were 21 recorded instances of pupils who got pregnant out of marriage between 2006 and 2010. Then. what about the unreported and live instances? Public belief that the figure more than what we can conceive of. After all the flooring incidents proven by the informations produced by PDRM and Welfare Department. we found a strong base to make this survey. 3. Methods A ; Material A simple random trying technique was conducted among 400 pupils ( out of entire 7535 pupils ) from Form One until Form Six ( Upper Six ) in secondary schools at the country of Bakar Arang State Assembly under Sungai Petani Parliamentary. Kedah. The schools involved were Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan 138 Ibrahim. Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sungai Pasir. Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Khir Johari and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Sungai Petani in Sungai Petani. Kedah. The information was analyzed utilizing Statistical Package for the Social Science ( SPSS ) in acquiring descriptive statistic and correlativity. 4. Results A ; Discussion 4. 1. Profile of Respondents Out of 400 respondents. there were 183 ( 45. 75 % ) male respondents and 217 ( 54. 25 % ) female respondents. This determination showed the dominant of female respondents in this survey. Sing the age group. the respondents were in the age of 13 old ages old ( 18 pupils or 4. 50 % ) . followed by 14 old ages old ( 51 pupils or 12. 75 % ) . 15 old ages old ( 44 pupils or 11. 00 % ) . 16 old ages old ( 97 pupils or 24. 25 % ) . 17 old ages old ( 94 pupils or 23. 50 % ) and in conclusion 18 old ages old and above which is 96 pupils or 24. 00 % . The highest respondents in this survey was 16 old ages old. followed by 18 old ages old. 17 old ages old. 14 old ages old. 15 old ages old and the lowest respondents were 13 old ages old. The race of respondents in this survey consist of three major races in Malaysia which is Malay. Chinese. and Indian and the balance was other races. From the determination. it can be concluded that the highest race in this survey was Malay. which consist of 242 pupils ( 60. 5 % ) . followed by Chinese. 75 pupils ( 18. 75 % ) . Indian 67students ( 16. 75 % ) and the lowest was other races which consist 16 pupils ( 4. 00 % ) . 4. 2. Consequence of Findingss H1: There is a important relationship between consciousness towards effects of free sex and babe dumping issue from the secondary school students’ position. Table 2. Awareness on effects of free sex towards a position of babe dumping issue Awareness towards effects of free sex Baby Dumping Pearson Correlation 0. 396**Sig. ( 2-tailed ) 0. 000N 400 ** . Correlation is important at the 0. 01 degree ( 2-tailed ) . There was a important relationship between consciousness towards effects of free sex and a position of babe dumping issue from the secondary school students’ position whereas P =0. 000 and r = 0. 396. Significant degree is P lt ; 0. 05 ( P = 0. 000 ) . So. the research worker accepts the H1. This means. the consciousness towards effects of free sex has an influence towards position of the babe dumping issue. This determination was besides supported by APWLD Annual Report 2010 [ 9 ] . H2: There is a important relationship between cognition on sex instruction and babe dumping issue from the secondary school students’ position. Table 3: Cognition on sex instruction towards a position of babe dumping issue.Knowledge on sex instructionBaby Dumping Pearson Correlation 0. 445**Sig. ( 2-tailed ) 0. 000N 400 ** . Correlation is important at the 0. 01 degree ( 2-tailed ) . There was a important relationship between cognition on sex instruction and position of the babe dumping issue from the secondary school students’ position whereas P = 0. 000 and r = 0. 445. Significant degree is P lt ; 0. 05 ( P = 0. 000 ) . So. the research worker accepts H2. This means. the respondents agreed that cognition on sex instruction is of import in order to forestall or cut down the figure of babe dumping that happen in Malaysia. Besides that. most of the respondent agreed 139 that by larning sex instruction. adolescents will be more full-blown and responsible to themselves and holding cognition on sex instruction is of import to forestall free sex among adolescents. H3: There is a important relationship between spiritual belief and babe dumping issue from the secondary school students’ position. Table 4. Religious belief and a position of the babe dumping issue.Religious BeliefBaby Dumping Pearson Correlation 0. 386**Sig. ( 2-tailed ) 0. 000N 400 ** . Correlation is important at the 0. 01 degree ( 2-tailed ) . There was a important relationship between spiritual belief and a position of babe dumping issue from the secondary school students’ position whereas P = 0. 000 and r = 0. 386. Significant degree is P lt ; 0. 05 ( P = 0. 000 ) . So. the research worker accepts H3. Religious belief besides plays an of import function in order to forestall babe dumping that addition from clip to clip. Other than that. most of respondents besides agreed that spiritual belief demand to use in their day-to-day life activity. This determination was besides supported by the Azmi ( 2010 ) [ 1 ] and Coleman A ; Testa ( 2007 ) [ 8 ] . 5. Decision As a decision. consciousness towards effects of free sex. cognition on sex instruction and spiritual belief showed the important relationships with the babe dumping issues in our state. Most of the respondents agreed that these three variables have a important impact on babe dumping instances. It is of import for the adolescents to understand the effects of free sex so that they can forestall the unwanted gestation at the immature age. Besides that. the cognition on sex instruction is of import to guarantee the adolescents have a better understanding about their organic structure so that they will non easy affect in free sex which can take to the babe dumping. On top of that. the of import of spiritual belief and patterns besides play a critical map. Every faith has lay down and learn about the Department of State and don’ts. about the wickedness and wages. and all faith prohibited the act of free sex. In order to forestall it. the authorities. schools. parents and adolescents should take necessary actions to halt this babe dumping issue from going worst. 6. Recommendation In order to get by with this babe dumping instances. authorities should come out with several policies and programmes. First of all. the authorities may integrate sex instruction in school course of study as portion of a holistic attack to undertake babe dumping instances. This attack is needed in order to supply consciousness and better apprehension of generative system and wellness at school degree. Besides that. the authorities besides can reconstitute or add the course of study in certain capable such as â€Å"Pendidikan Islam† or â€Å"Pendidikan Moral† in order to make consciousness and highlighted the effects of societal jobs like free sex and babe dumping. The authorities besides should advance Islam as a manner of life particularly to the Muslim young person as we can see today ; most of the people who involved in babe dumping were Muslims. Islamic bookmans and Ulama’ must take this duty to explicate to the community about Islam. However. it is of import for the spiritual individuals to utilize suited method harmonizing to mark group in executing this undertaking. The authorities besides can convey the Ulama’ or others spiritual individual from other faith to give talk to the adolescents based on their belief particularly when there is a plan for adolescents every bit good as when there is a national run to control with this sort of societal job. Drastic measure by the authorities in categorising babe dumping as a condemnable amounting to slay if it meets with all the legal specifications is besides can be introduced. The authorities can give another opportunity to the guilty parents if their babe is found alive but if the babe is found dead. the guilty parents need to be penalized under this condemnable act. 140 Government besides can assist to control this jobs by exterminate adult stuffs from cyberspace and electronic multimedia. These adult stuffs besides one of the biggest factors that can lend to the babe dumping issues because it will act upon adolescents to make bad things. It is besides recommended that the authorities come out with new regulation to curtail the adolescents below 18 old ages old to check-in hotel or motel without parents or guardian. This regulation will able to cut down free sex among the adolescents. Besides authorities. parents besides should actively play their function in get bying with this issue. For case. they should discourse â€Å"openly† about sex and things related to it with their childs. Even though this subject still â€Å"taboo† in certain civilization but it will forestall adolescents to acquire incorrect information about sex from incorrect beginnings. Weak household ties besides one of the lending factors in the lifting instances of baby-dumping. It is a signal to all the parents non to concentrate and occupy with their plants and forgets to pass clip with their kids. As caring parents. we should embrace. snog. love and give more attending to our kids before other individuals do it for them. 7. Recognitions Our sincere thanks goes to our co-workers in UiTM Kedah. Malaysia for whom we have great respect. and we wish to widen our warmest thanks to all those who have helped us with the creative activity of this paper particularly to Abdullah Fathi Muslim. Izzatul Nadiah Isa. Noor Atiqah Idris. Nurul Farakhin Zahrin and Nurzawani Abd Salam. 8. Mentions[ 1 ] Dali. A. ( 2010 ) . â€Å"Gejala buang bayi meningkat† . Kosmo. 17 August. pp. 6. [ 2 ] New Straits Times ( 2010 ) . â€Å"Eight held over merchandising of babies† available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. highbeam. com/doc/1P1- 188506529. hypertext markup language ( accessed 26 July 2011 ) [ 3 ] New Straits Times ( 2010 ) . â€Å"Foetus found buried by roadside† available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nst. com. my/nst/articles/27jani/Article ( accessed 26 November 2010 ) [ 4 ] New Straits Times ( 2010 ) . â€Å"Newborn found in fictile bag† . available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nst. com. my/nst/articles/28sarr/Article/index_html ( accessed 26 November 2010 ) [ 5 ] The Malay Mail ( 2011 ) . â€Å"Foetus of male child found in refuse can† . available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. mmail. com. my/content/45796-foetus-boy-found-garbage-can ( accessed 26 July 2011 ) [ 6 ] PDRM ( 2010 ) â€Å"Baby Dumping Statistic† available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. rmp. gov. my ( accessed 26 November 2010 ) [ 7 ] The Star ( 2010 ) . â€Å"CID Chief: 472 babes found dumped since 2005† . available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //thestarmobile. com/jsp/news/viewNews. jsp? newsID=151204 A ; catID=19 ( access ed 16 August 2010 ) [ 8 ] Coleman. L. M. and Testa. A. ( 2007 ) . â€Å"Preferences towards sex instruction and information from an ethnically diverse sample of immature people† . Sexual activity Education. Vol. 7 No. 3. pp. 293-307. [ 9 ] Asia Pacific Forum on Women. Law and Development ( APWLD ) Annual Report 2010. 141

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BMW Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

BMW - Essay Example BMW's turning point came when they started to cater this market. They started producing motorbikes and expensive luxury cars branded the best in the world. Acquisition of Rover group in 1994 and the Rolls-Royce in 2003 were the other major milestones in their history. Today their annual revenue crosses 50 billion Euro's and they employ over 96,230 employees in 23 plants spread over 13 countries. They have 12 R&D centres in 5 countries. They sell over 1,341,048 cars worldwide. 78% of their sales comprise of their conventional BMW cars. BMW MINI series cars capture 16% of their sales while their stupendous sports motorcycles capture 6% of their sales (Illing, 2010). They sell over 2000 Rolls Royce cars per year too. BMW adopted various strategies to reach this position in such as short period. The company’s strategies are worth examining as they will help any company manage its competition quite effectively. PEST Analysis PEST stands for political, economical, social and technol ogical. This method is used to analyse the macro-environment of an organization. Such an analysis is done when high level of doubt prevails over the way the external environment responds to changes. It is necessary to determine whether the organizational policies are compatible and sufficient to meet the external environment. ... BMW takes care to comply with all the policies to avoid getting in trouble with the government. Economical Factors affect the automobile industry and BMW in general. The exchange rates and the economic growth of the countries like India and China make them emerge as worthy competitors in the market. Stagnancy of stock due to overproduction and economic slowdown is also a major issue. It might occur due to global economic slowdown or decrease in the exchange rate of Euro at any time. Social Factors: The recession, changing customer buying behaviour and increased eco awareness had made people look at cars as an important and useful commodity rather than a status symbol. They want their cars to give more mileage and be environmental friendly rather than just luxurious. Technological factors prevalent in the industry affect the BMW the most. They should keep upgrading themselves regarding the new technology in production as well as marketing. Everything from the latest Bluetooth facility to modern GPS systems should be incorporated in the cars to make it attractive while they still have to stick with the original design. The Key Drivers of Change From the analysis we can conclude that the major factors that contributed to change in BMW are 1. The need to advance technologically 2. Environmental regulations 3. Deployment of hi-tech infrastructure as well as qualified manpower Adaptability or changing its strategies according to the external environment is called consonance (Rumlet, 1980). It is the most important factor driving successful change in the industry. Porter’s five forces Analysis (Porter, 1985) Porter's Five Forces Analysis Threat from Substitutes: Medium BMW is associated with engineering excellence and ultimate luxury. So, the threat for

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Teaching methods and strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Teaching methods and strategy - Essay Example It evolves and conforms according to the imagination and opinion of the teacher. The teacher is provided with numerous techniques that can be applied in ensuring that the learners comprehend and utilize the accumulated and assimilated knowledge. Such strategies and methods include gaming quizzes, lectures, class discussion, story and role playing, brainstorming, active learning, distance learning, and case method. The current society requires learners who are creative, proactive, and flexible in communicating ideas and thoughts, making decisions, and working effectively within groups and teams. Possessing knowledge is not enough to succeed or make a difference in the current ever-changing world; teachers have a crucial role in moulding learners to fit and be competitive through application of effective teaching methods and strategies. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of each of the stipulated methods is presented with a suggestion of the most effective level of applica bility. Gaming Quizzes Games are used to enhance competition, participation, and feedback during teaching (Accardi, Drabinski and Kumbier, 2010). They serve as a motivator and entail practical application of learning concepts. The technique is efficiently applicable when teaching children and primary level learners. In gaming quizzes, the expatriates are actively involved in the exercise. This frustrates boredom and enhances motivation and positive attitudes towards learning. Gaming promotes team work and application of collaborative efforts towards solving educational problems. The trainers are able to obtain feedback on learning progress of the expatriate candidates instantly. Practical application of theoretical concepts in the form of games instils confidence among learners in acquiring education facts. However, gaming quizzes can discourage learners who are not competitive compared to their colleagues. Gaming may lead to rivalry and unhealthy relationship among competing groups . Most members would shun creativity and device short cuts or crude methods to secure victory as most of the games are focused towards winning. Another weakness is that team work may derail the application of individual efforts. Lecture Lecture method entails the teacher solely controlling the core focus of information transfer. The instructor normally positions him or herself in front of a class and presents educational facts to the students who are listening and taking notes. Occasionally, teachers use a board or overhead projector to provide visuals to the learners. The method is normally common at all levels of learning although the use of visuals is common with higher levels of learning. Minimal exchange exists between the instructors and students in this learning method. When preparing for a lecture, the instructor should have a clear introduction and summary of the topic of discussion (Lang and Evans, 2006). Lectures should also be presented in the form of summary with time u tility. The message being relayed is made clearer through the use of examples and anecdotes. Lectures are advantageous in that the proceedings of a lecture session can be recorded for future reference. The method is a fast and straight forward way of relaying knowledge to a large,

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Effective Communication Essay Example for Free

Effective Communication Essay Effective communication is the process of transferring information or thoughts to someone or a group of people by way of speaking, writing or body language. According to â€Å"† (2014), â€Å"Effective communication extends the concept to require that transmitted content is received and understood by someone in the way it was intended. The goals of effective communication include creating a common perception, changing behaviors and acquiring information† (para. 1). It is important that the person receiving the information be able to clearly and concisely understand the information from the sender. The most effective and ineffective techniques for sharing information, techniques that can be applied or modified in a health care work environment and ways in which technology may affect these processes will be discussed in this paper. Effective Communication Techniques Effective communication begins with encoding, or being able to clearly and concisely relay the message so that the receiver will be able to decode the message. Another important part of effective communication is making sure the receiver properly understands the message that was being sent. When considering the context of the communication it improves the effectiveness. Context includes age, religion, sexual orientation and intellectual abilities of the receiver. Body language, or non-verbal communication includes eye contact, facial expressions, posture and position of the hands and arms. When body language is consistent with verbal content it improves understanding, and when body language is inconsistent with verbal content it creates confusion about the message. Emotions can interfere with effective communication. For example: messages maybe negatively affected if the sender is angry. While working in community mental health industry, an individual will be faced with constant changes in the way they communicate with each other, whether it be with the psychiatrist, counselor, patient, drug representative or another health care provider. I found the most used forms of communicating with other people were face-to-face communication, phone, e-mail and faxes. I feel the most effective way of communication is face-to-face because communication signals can provide insight to what is critical in gaining an understanding of other’s perspectives. Ineffective  Ways of Communication Ineffective communication can be any disruption or failure in the communication process. Language is an obvious communication barrier because if a person does not understand the language the communication fails. Another barrier is when a person has an idea but lacks the confidence to speak up the communication process fails. According to â€Å"† (2014) â€Å"Removing barriers will increase your odds of communicating effectively. Both senders and receivers should pay attention to others in the process, making eye contact, listening intently and avoiding distractions. By being empathetic, you are imagining what it is like to be in the other person’s situation, which helps the communication process† (para. 5). How These Techniques Can Be Applied or Modified Communication is the key to succeeding and will allow coworkers in a health care environment to work well together. â€Å"A team is a small group of people with complementary skills, who work together to achieve a shared purpose and hold themselves mutually accountable for its accomplishment. Teamwork is the process of people working together to accomplish these goals† (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, Kramer, 2007, p. 91). Team members need to start out slowly in order to accomplish good communication skills. All team members should learn how to work with their team and be able to control any conflicts that might occur. How Technology Affects the Communication Process Technology has impacted the health care field in a positive and rewarding way. For instance, the electronic medical record allows the user to exchange health care information electronically and can help provide a higher quality and safer care for the patients while creating enhancements for the health care organization. The electronic medical record provides up-to-date, accurate information about patient at the point of care which allows quick access to patient records for a more coordination of care. There are so many things that technology has provided the health care industry: MRI’s, CAT Scans, ultrasounds and laparoscopic surgeries. Technology will always bring change and a positive outlook to the health care industry. In conclusion, effective communication helps to better understand a person or situation. It enables us to resolve differences and build trust and respect. This paper covered the most effective and ineffective ways for sharing information and ideas, techniques that can be applied or modified in a health care work environment and how technology impacts the communication process. References: (2014). Retrieved from Lombardi, D.J., Schermerhorn, J.R., Kramer, B. (2007). Managing Teams: Leading and Developing Work Teams that are Efficient, Focused, and Flexible. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley Sons, Inc. (2014). Retrieved from

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Internet Marketing Privacy Issues Essay -- Internet Security

If a random person came over to you on the street, would you give him your personal information? Would you allow him to follow and record your activities? Most certainly not. Although this answer may be obvious in the physical world, the general populations’ behavior on the Internet is strikingly different. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google retain vast amounts of personal information of their users. Although this practice benefits the user as well, unrestricted profiling can be quite unnerving. Since regulation from the government may impede Internet use, and unless the threat to internet users privacy are shown to exceed the benefits, the government will not regulate the internet, rather we should educate the public how to be more responsible themselves. The most lucrative business on the Internet is marketing. Companies have come up with ingenious ways to generate revenue with very targeted advertising. Each company has their unique method to identify their consumers, some more complicated than others. For example, on a website geared to new mothers the advertisements would reflect that by advertising for baby diapers or formula. This type of targeted advertising is understood and acceptable. The consumer benefits by having advertisements in their interests and the vendor has a higher likelihood of making a sale. The Internet has introduced novel ways to track consumer habits and interests thereby creating smarter advertising. Microsoft employs their browser Internet Explorer using â€Å"cookies† to track user habits. Cookies are pieces of text stored by a user’s web browser, they are sent back and forth every time a user accesses a web page. These can be tracked to follow web surfers’ actions. Cookies are us ed to store... ...egulation may not be a solution, history has proven that the power to resolve this glowing lack of privacy lies within the hands of the people themselves. The manner in which similar issues were resolved in the past, elucidate on the present. The now famous company Truste created the Web Privacy Seal, the little icon that tells you the website is secure. Ten years ago users were to afraid to buy anything in the internet with their credit cards for fear of identity theft, now one can just look for that seal. As mentioned before Facebook’s privacy changes prompted 2.2 million Facebook members to form a group protesting these changes. Consumers are recognizing the threat to their control and in the same way in the past have come up with ingenious ways to protect themselves they will continue to stand up for their rights that will ultimately affect company policies.

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Lincoln’s Goals of Emancipation and Preservation of the Union

Abraham Lincoln’s experience as a lawyer in Illinois and a member of congress for a short time could not have fully prepared him for the challenges of his presidency. His main obstacle was the disunity of the nation, and his main goal during his presidency was to reunite the country. In his own words â€Å"A house divided against itself cannot stand†. He also faced the challenge of slavery, which was a problem that had plagued America since its early days, and a major cause in starting the civil war.Lincoln believed that slavery should be abolished, more importantly though he believed in the preservation of the union, and in the end he issued the emancipation proclamation in order to preserve the union. As a person, Lincoln held the ideal of slavery to be wrong, and morally believed that slaves should be freed. He believed in the equality of all men. In an address to congress Lincoln said â€Å"the United States ought to cooperate with any state which may adopt gradual abolishment of slavery, giving to such state pecuniary aid† (Document A).This shows that he supported the abolition of slavery and was willing to support any other nation which was to do it. Lincoln also said in the Gettysburg address: â€Å"our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal† and he resolved that â€Å"that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth†. He believed in the ideals of America very strongly, including the idea that all men are created equal.Lincoln wanted to free the slaves, since he did not think it was right that they were enslaved. In addition to that Lincoln adamantly wanted to preserve the union, and so he took special wartime actions for that purpose. During the war, it was likely that the border states might have seceded from the union. To prevent this in Kentucky Lincoln instituted martia l law to keep control. In Maryland he had all the pro-secession members of the state congress arrested.These drastic actions showed how serious he was about preserving the union. Lincoln also suspended the writ of habeas corpus – the legal protection requiring a court to determine if a person is lawfully arrested. Under this suspension, over 13,000 anti-union Americans were arrested. These included legislators and newspaper editors among others. These arrests were enacted in order to silence anti-union voices, and the fact that this took place showed how concerned Lincoln was with preserving the union.Ultimately, Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation was issued as a way to help preserve the country, because of the advantages it gave the union in the war. It was more important to him to save the union than free the slaves, as he once said â€Å"If I could save the union without freeing any slave I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves, I would so it; and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves, I would do it†.Lincoln also said that â€Å"emancipation would help us in Europe, and convince them that we are incited by something more than ambition. †(Document B). Indeed, once the emancipation proclamation was issued it ended any possibility that European nations would aid the confederacy in the war. This was a strategic move on Lincoln’s part, to mitigate the support that the confederates received, in order to win the war and preserve the union. The emancipation proclamation was also strategic because of the effects that it had on the black people of the south.Freed blacks were encouraged to join the US army with promotional posters such as that in Document D. Lincoln knew that this would help in the war by adding to their ranks. Furthermore the southerners experienced a labour shortage, because their slaves considered themselves free, and left work undone which was left to be done by the white people of the South. The Emancipation proclamation truly was a brilliant strategic move on the part of Lincoln, engineered for the purpose of keeping the United States intact.Although he believed that slavery was wrong , Lincoln was more concerned with preserving the union, and his actions in freeing the slaves through the emancipation proclamation were done to meet the latter goal. Lincoln knew that slavery was one of the root causes of the war, and it was always an impending issue throughout the war. At the end of the day though, the slaves were freed in order to bring greater unity to the country. His actions ended up bringing increased freedom to black Americans, saved the country’s unity, and have forever defined him as one of the greatest presidents in American history.

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The Hellenistic Period Essay example - 1157 Words

The death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC marks the beginning of the Hellenistic Period and covers 300 years to the invasion of Egypt by the Romans. The word Hellenic refers only to the Greeks, but the term Hellenistic refers to `the Greek-influenced societies that arose in the wake of Alexanders conquest (Sacks, 105). The Hellenistic world extended from Greece all the way to Afghanistan and resulted in the beginning of the mass spreading of Greek culture. Its central characteristics were the mass empires created by Alexander and his successors, the mingling of Greek and other cultures and the diffusion of religions The conquests of Alexander the Great Alexander won a reputation for military genius when he became king of†¦show more content†¦Antigonus ruled over Asia minor, Macedonia and Thrace and in 306 BC he declared himself king of the Macedonians The Seleucids moved to control and reform the pre-existing Persian bureaucracy, installing Greek officials and switching from clay tablets to parchment and from cuneiform to Greek or Aramaic (Stewart, 2004).. Antigonos attempts to take control of the whole of Alexanders empire led to his death. His son, Demetrius managed to regain control of Macedon a few yeas later but lost his throne and died in prison. Ptolemaic dynasty Ptolemy 1 Soter proclaimed himself king of the Ptolemy kingdom of Egypt in 305 BC. He was a man of great culture and learning and under his leadership his capital Alexandria became and important cultural center and its museum was the first known and its library was the largest in the ancient world (Arcadia, 2004). He was also the author of a lost history of Alexanders campaign. The dynastic history is confusing because all the male rulers took the name Ptolemy and many married their sisters who were often called Cleopatra. Seleucid dynasty Seleucus 1 was made Satrap of Babylonia where he later declared himself king. His kingdom stretched from eastern Anatolia and Syria into what is now Pakistan. He met with much opposition because there were many different ethnic groups. They were accustomed to being ruled by local rulers and so did not adjust very well to being ruledShow MoreRelatedThe Between Classical And Classical Period And Hellenistic Period Essay1344 Words   |  6 PagesAs the Hellenistic society shifted away from the Classical ideals of perfectionism and idolization of the elites and gods in sculpture, artists began to be fixated on illustrating imperfection of a variety of individuals faced with ruthless authenticity of their emotional struggles. Whereas, Classical architecture focused on dedicating massive structures to the gods to emphasize their divinity, but Hellenistic architecture used advanced technology to exemplify Alexander the Great’s magnificence.Read MoreSimilarities And Differences Betw een Ancient And Hellenistic Period And The Piombino Apollo1296 Words   |  6 Pagesscholars to distinguish this statue as Hellenistic rather than Archaic. The modelling of the back is one of the biggest alterations that occurs between actual kouros from the archaic period and the Piombino Apollo. The back of the statue is much more artistically advanced than the front regarding modelling (Ridgway 1967: 48). The subtle modelling of the muscular structures and ridges of the spine of the back suggest the desired realism of the Hellenistic era, instead of the basic and ridged ‘idealized’Read MoreThe Classical And Hellenistic Period1098 Words   |  5 PagesClassical and Hellenistic periods. The Classical period took place from 500-323 BC. It is the period between Persian wars and ends with the death of Alexander the Great (History). Classical sculptures are known for being less detailed more stagnant. The Hellenistic period begins when the Classical period ends, in 3 23 BC. This period ends in 31 BC â€Å"with the conquest of the last Hellenistic kingdom by Rome† (Simonin). Hellenistic sculptures are known for being more realistic and active. Both periods of sculptureRead MoreThe Period Of Ancient Greece1010 Words   |  5 PagesThe Hellenistic Age was a period of ancient Greece lasting between 323 B.C after the death of Alexander the Great and 30 B.C the beginning of the Roman Empire. Alexander was determined to conquer unknown lands and his expedition provided a bridge between city-states and the Greek Hellenistic World. The Hellenistic World is what resulted from the disintegrated empire that came short after Alexanders death. Four major Hellenistic kingdoms emerged from the successors of Alexander. The Greeks and easternersRead MoreAnalysis Of Rolf Strootman, Courts And Elites In The Hellenistic Empires1661 Words   |  7 PagesIn Rolf Strootmans, Courts and Elites in the Hellenistic Empires, he discusses the Kingdoms of the Helleni stic era, there courts, how kingdoms were developed, the importance of military might, emphasis of the king as a war hero, king viewed as a liberator of cities and the development of diplomatic relations with the cities that are being governed by the kings.1 Strootman looks at three kingdoms to explain how the kingdoms in this empire function, they are the Ptolemies, Antigonids, and the SeleukidsRead MoreGreece : The Real Golden Age Of Greece2007 Words   |  9 PagesWhy the Hellenistic period in Greece was the real golden age of Greece: There are many aspects that contribute to a classification of a golden age because of this, in this essay I want to focus on three aspects that can be analysed to discover whether the Hellenistic period of Greek history can be classified as a golden age. These three aspects I will be looking at are science, literature, and art since each form were influential and contributed to society. During the Hellenistic age, science, inRead MoreAcient and Medieval Western Civilization766 Words   |  3 Pagesprospects for the Macedonians and the Greeks. In the last twelve years they had fulfilled wonderful victories that brought under their influence more than ten times the domain Alexander had started with in Greece. It was to be the start of the Hellenistic Age, a period of one of a kind social and political advancements, that achieved an amalgamation of old and new. After Phillip of Macedon died the next successor to the throne was his son Alexander III of Macedon. At the point when Alexander went to theRead MoreEssay on The Age of Alexander1793 Words   |  8 Pagestrue, the breakup of Alexanders brief empire, but the establishment of Macedonian dynasties in Egypt, Syria, and Persia (the Ptolemies and the Seleucidae) helped to mold the world of that day into a wider unity of trade and learning. The Hellenistic period was an international, cosmopolitan age. Commercial contacts were widespread and peoples of many ethnic and religious backgrounds merged in populous urban centers. Advances were made in various fields of scientific inquiry, including engineeringRead MoreEssay on Women in Egypt3006 Words   |  13 Pages Women in the Hellenistic world Women in the Hellenistic World Women’s lives were improved and expanded in the Hellenistic age more so than at any other time prior Greek history. Papyri from Egypt and Coele-Syria have led to the discovery of documents on marriage contracts, inscriptions of philanthropy, and the daily lives of the women in that period. The Hellenistic woman changed in many ways. She became more educated, more cultured, and she received domestic freedom and her new legal and occupationalRead MoreConstributions of Greek Culture531 Words   |  2 PagesKings of the Hellenistic era built temples, staffed with priest, for old gods. This way they spread Greek religious beliefs throughout the Near East. This broadened peoples span of knowledge of religions, science and philosophy and shaped the world. When people got tired of it and found rituals unsatisfying, they turned to mystery religions. Civic religions were primarily concerned with rituals and did not embrace such matters as morality and redemption. People did not inspire deep religious feelings